Matthijs Kieboom and Van der Valk

ITV started showing the re-imagining of the classic detective hit “Van Der Valk”. As captivating as ever, the new series of 3 feature-length episodes comes with new stories and new supporting characters; it even comes with new music. Dutch composer Matthijs Kieboom embraced this challenge and has set the episodes to a more minimal, contemporary and relevant score with just the subtlest of nods to the iconic No. 1 hit Eye Level, the original theme by Jack Trombey which spent over 20 weeks in the top 50 and accompanied all 1972-1992 episodes. Matthijs Kieboom is one of the most sought-after and well-established composers in the Netherlands. Despite his relatively young age, he has been a fulltime composer for more than a decade and has recently become the head of the Film Music department in one of Holland’s leading conservatories.